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man and cup

First Class slash

Posted on 2011.06.05 at 19:10
Author: Iatethebunny
Title: The Most Important Meal of the Day
Pairing : Armando/Alex(Darwin/Havok)
Rating: PG for almost bad words
Disclaimer: nobody in the following story belong to me(unfortunately)

They were at it again. I was trying to read a comic book Angle and Raven where laughing up a storm.
“What the hell is so funny?”
Raven smirks tosses her blond hair over her should. “You wouldn’t understand you had to be there to see it.”
“Really and where did I have to be to see what.”
She just laughs. Angle gives me a smile and takes pity on me.“Breakfast Sean, it was just something we saw at breakfast.”
I roll my eyes and try to go back to my comic book but high pitch giggles can be so distracting.
Breakfast is not really a mandatory meal at this lovely top secret CIA base. You show up when you get up grab something out the cramped room that passes for a kitchen and go about your day. Around 12 Charles and Erik will drag us in for a meeting which is followed by lunch which is mostly official because everyone tends to be there. I don't do breakfast, most days I wake up in time for lunch. From the hints and private jokes Angle and Raven keep making I feel like I am missing something by skipping the most important meal of the day. So I made it my business to make it to breakfast which is so much harder than it sounds. It takes me 2 days but I final stumble into the kitchen in time to eat with the others. The first day I was so tired I couldn't even remember how to use a spoon. It's sufficient to say I was oblivious to any and all things that would lead Angel and Raven to secret jokes. It takes 3 more tries for me to be functional.
I get there after Raven and Angel before the others. I grab coffee and take my seat. Angel gives me a happy smile. Raven smirks. I take a long sip of coffee rest the cup on the table than drop my head down next to it.
Raven laughs "why do you bother getting up before noon Sean your useless to yourself and others."
I grunt. She's right of course. Angle gives me her bright smile and pats my hair.
"Be nice Raven. He's trying to join in on quality team time. Don’t discourage him, it good for him."
Raven rolls her eyes. The kitchen door opens Alex walks in followed by Armando. And even in my sleep daze I notice they always come in together. But that's kind of normal for them I guess. The second week we all got here Alex and Armando went off somewhere and became the bestest buddies ever and now they do everything together. I sip my coffee. Armando gives us all personal good mornings, I grunt, Alex waves, Raven smirks, Angel laughs. Alex opens the fridge pulling out juice and milk Armando gets bowls and spoons. Alex gets the cereal and pour two bowls Armando makes them toast and spread butter on one, jelly on the other. Alex cuts up an orange and grabs a banana, he sets the orange on the plate with the toast with jelly and sit in front of it, he puts the banana next to the toast with butter. They are sitting across from each other, Alex’s feet are stretched out in front of him crossed at the ankles, there in Armando space. He eats an orange slice and offer one to Armando who take it. They just look at each other and than Alex is laughing.
"It’s your fault Armando, I told you to get an extra blanket."
Raven perks up dropping her fork full of eggs to ask."Why would Armando need another blanket?"
Alex shrugs drops his orange peel on the table."It was cold last night."
Raven rolls her eyes give Angel a look. Angel laughs her high tinkle laugh and turns her smile on Armando. "Come on Armando tell us why did you need another blanket."
Armando finishes chewing his toast before speaking. "Alex is a blanket thief."
Alex rolls his eyes "I told you in advances."
Raven and Angel shear one of their secret smiles than Raven gives Alex a smile "Of course you told him."
Alex looks confused "I said I did."
Armando gives his foot a nudge "Ignore them Alex their being silly."
Alex pouts a bit and starts in on his cereal. Raven wiggles her eyebrows at Angel who laughs.
It takes me till after I have eaten my own cereal and Hank has joined us before my sleep idle brain snap to work. I drop my spoon almost fall out my seat. "Fucking a Alex what were you doing in Armando bed?"
They both look up from where they are shearing the sport section of the newspaper. Alex look confused. "What are you talking about Sean?"
I wave my arms around trying not to picture what I am already seeing so clear and dear God how had I not seen it before.
"Blanket Alex I'm talking about a dame blanket don't play dumb with me."
Armando shakes his head and stands, he is looking very serious. He has a very dangerous serious look.
"Sean do we have a problem."
I swallow think about it. The looks, the touches, the easy way Alex settles in to Armando space when he never seems to be relax anywhere else. I think of them as them, I hadn't realized I was already aware of it.
I shake my head, sit down on the floor. Hank is looking between us confusion written all over his face and he doesn't know a thing. Poor bastard he going to take it hard shot to his intelligences and all that.
Armando dangerous serious looks slip into something like concern and he good like that always trying to take care of us. He kneels next to me resting a large warm hand on my shoulder.
"You okay Sean?"
I lean into the touch, he doesn't mind at all when I rest my head on his shoulder.
"I'm fine just had an epiphany"
He laughs "that must of hurt a lot"
Everyone laughs and it okay because Armando helps me stand and sits me back in my chair. He moving back to Alex’s side and of course that where he should be. Hank looks around the kitchen.
"Am I missing something"
I shake my head and drink the milk at the bottom of my cereal bowl.
Nobody else say anything, Hank waits a moment longer than goes back to eating his eggs. I rest my bowl on the table.
"Hank maybe you should get to breakfast early."
Raven and Angel crack up. Armando look slight amused, Alex actually kind of blushes, Hank gives me a thoughtful look.
"Maybe I will Sean."
I snort and go about making another cup of coffee. Poor bastard when he gets it I will make sure to have a camera on hand. The smart ones always take the obvious bad.


orlidomlijah at 2011-06-09 05:37 (UTC) (Link)


That was really sweet. Like really sweet. The routine drives me bananas. I live for that mushy stuff. Sean is adorable and I love it. Armando is sooooo father material. 3 out of 4 stars.
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