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A letter

Posted on 2010.07.06 at 12:00
Music: Tohoshinki:Five in the black

I no longer really expect you guys to ever be five again. I wish I could keep the faith everyday all the time but it is time I be realist. There has been to much bullshit on both side for this to ever work out right. Now I only ask you to stop fucking with my heart. You need to break up if that is what you are going to do, so I can mourn and get over you, not that i will ever be over you. Right now this hang in in limbo just leads to public display of crying and craziness on my part. Some days I really believe you guys will be five again not the way you once were but something new, because this is about your voices an I can't believe I will never hear the five of you sing together again, it seem impossibility that there will not be another TVXQ album sometime in the near future. So please stop my dreaming stop building my hopes just to break them, this pulling and pushing of my emotions. Let's make a clean break. Break up or work it out. It's been a year. A whole fucking year and things only got more vague and now it just seems to be worst.
I will support Jaejoong Junsu and Yoochun work as three but I will never love you as 3 the way I loved you as five because 3 is still wrong. I miss you guys. OMG I am still trying to learn to deal with the fact that I will never have YunJae again. Why could Jaejoong and Yunho at least be on the same fucking side of this bullshit. It's been almost a year since I got any Yuaje love... I remember fondly last September when Yunho was still playing bodyguard to Jaejoong at the airport...TVXQ I miss you please please please please please come back to me.

Kay I have said my full so until the unstoppable break up TVXQ Fighting!!!!! Keeping the faith (most of the time)

The early years


pushingyouaway at 2010-07-07 15:04 (UTC) (Link)
this is still going on? i remember when you first started posting about this...

at least you got this off your chest; you can move on a little bit
iatethebunny at 2010-07-10 03:38 (UTC) (Link)
Unfortunately yes it is still going on but I have discover a great love of Bradley Cooper and he works as a great distraction,
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