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man and cup

X-men First Class

Posted on 2011.06.22 at 22:55
I love this movie so very much I like to stroke it and pet it and not think to hard about it but things I have been reading on my search for more Armando/Alex fic is making me think to hard about it.

I don't like to toss out the race card. I oblivious know race is still a big issue today but I would like to think people are better than they really are. I am sure the people over at Marvel production did not set out to be racist or to offend people but they kind of really did. because killing the only black guy and sending the old black girl to the dark side was kind of harsh. not to mention there was seriously not one other person of color in the whole movie not an Asian person or Spanish person anywhere. and even if they do intend to not keep Darwin dead (he is not really dead he can't dead the comic said he could handle it) how the fuck do we the movie going public know that? there are so many awesome character of color in the X-men vers and they picked only two and then kind of toss them to the wind. one of the biggest problem I had with the first 3 X-men movies and God I hate so much that Halle Berry was Storm, people can love Halle hate her find her whatever. But Storm is a tall awesome dark skin strong Africa women and there are not enough tall gorgeous strong black African women characters for them to be replacing them with small petite pretty light skinned women. Halle has played a white women the person who should have played Strom would never have been able to "pass" for white. some people may not understand what all the fuss is about Halle Berry is still a "black women" but seriously fucking seriously it matter to that little dark skinned girl who never gets to go to a movie and see a beautiful strong black dark skinned women. Halle was in no way Storm she was the most unbelievable character in the whole movie. and here I am again being offend over race. and really I normal don't let things like race or gender get in the way of me enjoying a film I normal don't even think about them when I am watching a film but once i do start thinking it hard to start. I just thought I should put it out there.
also some more Armando/Alex fic would be greatly apprehended.
for a well written review of the racism in the first class movie
The Black dude dies first


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