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first class

Posted on 2011.06.04 at 03:30
As a life long fan of the x-men comics I should be slight offend by this movie they kind of tore up the origin story but but but I love this movie I went to the midnight showing last night and went back to see it 2night and I am going to see it 2morrow afternoon. For all the reasons I have to hate this movie
The only characters in this movie that was actually in the first class was Beast
There use of Raven
The absent of Juggernaut
Moria being a CIA agent
how short they made the space between events
I could go on but I will stopping here
there are 2 big reason why I love it
Erik/Charels (I have been in love with this ship for more than half my life and it is finally out there)
Armando/Alex (completely unexpected and truly loved)
and than beyond my slashy joy its just a really fun movie to watch and God in heaven above I have fallen in love with Michael Fassbender and that was complete unexpected. There is generally something for everyone in this movie. What I am hoping for is Armando(Darwin)/Alex(Havoc) slash fanfic I need tons of it. I know that I will finally have all the Erik/Charles fanfic to make my slashy heart flutter with joy but I really want the Armando/Alex becuz no true slasher can watch this movie and not eat them up.

Muhahahahaahahahah I understand it all Darwin/Havok I get it Marvel you lazy naughty slugs.

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