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man and cup
Posted on 2011.12.26 at 17:55
Pour some out 4 TVXQ 8 years. Keeping the faith that 2012 will bring good things. TVXQ FIGHTING!!!!!

man and cup

First class Fic:Makes Me Wonder 1/4

Posted on 2011.09.17 at 20:04
Author: Iatethebunny
Pairing: Armando/Alex
Disclaimer: not in any way mine.. wish they where I would do good things with them.
Note: This was beta by Orildomlijah all remaining faults are mine own. This is basically 38 plus thousand words of self indulgence. Hope you enjoy.Peace
Summary:AU. Alex parents died leaving him at 18 in charge of his two younger brothers.

Makes Me WonderCollapse )

man and cup

x-MEN First Class Fic: Playback

Posted on 2011.09.17 at 19:36
Aurthor: Iatethebunny
Pairing: Armando/Alex
Disclaimer: not in any way mine.. wish they where I would do good things with them.
Note: This is an AU verse not the movieverse but they were still superheroes. I plan to write more in this verse. This is unbetaed sorry in advance for the mistakes.
Summery Armando died, 8 months, 3 weeks, four days and 17 hours. Alex thinks he is dealing. This is not a deathfic.
PlaybackCollapse )

man and cup

X-men First Class

Posted on 2011.06.22 at 22:55
I love this movie so very much I like to stroke it and pet it and not think to hard about it but things I have been reading on my search for more Armando/Alex fic is making me think to hard about it.
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man and cup

First Class slash

Posted on 2011.06.05 at 19:10
Author: Iatethebunny
Title: The Most Important Meal of the Day
Pairing : Armando/Alex(Darwin/Havok)
Rating: PG for almost bad words
Disclaimer: nobody in the following story belong to me(unfortunately)

The Most Important Meal of the DayCollapse )

man and cup

first class

Posted on 2011.06.04 at 03:30
As a life long fan of the x-men comics I should be slight offend by this movie they kind of tore up the origin story but but but I love this movie I went to the midnight showing last night and went back to see it 2night and I am going to see it 2morrow afternoon. For all the reasons I have to hate this movie
The only characters in this movie that was actually in the first class was Beast
There use of Raven
The absent of Juggernaut
Moria being a CIA agent
how short they made the space between events
I could go on but I will stopping here
there are 2 big reason why I love it
Erik/Charels (I have been in love with this ship for more than half my life and it is finally out there)
Armando/Alex (completely unexpected and truly loved)
and than beyond my slashy joy its just a really fun movie to watch and God in heaven above I have fallen in love with Michael Fassbender and that was complete unexpected. There is generally something for everyone in this movie. What I am hoping for is Armando(Darwin)/Alex(Havoc) slash fanfic I need tons of it. I know that I will finally have all the Erik/Charles fanfic to make my slashy heart flutter with joy but I really want the Armando/Alex becuz no true slasher can watch this movie and not eat them up.

Muhahahahaahahahah I understand it all Darwin/Havok I get it Marvel you lazy naughty slugs.

Winchester cup

Faster Fanfic

Posted on 2011.05.25 at 02:24
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Supernatural season final so lack luster I don't even want to comment on it. On another note. I wrote this fanfic for the movie Faster which I don't think anyone saw I really like this fic I have no idea why so I'll just post it here. The thing is in the movie they didn't have names just titles so I gave them names.

Killer is not satisfied,something is missing. He sets out to find it.
At The EndCollapse )

lex livejournal


Posted on 2011.05.13 at 22:03
Watched Smallville first time in years and remembered right off the bat why I stopped. And than Lex showed up I had an amazing moment of Clex and remembered the good old days and than it went bad again and kind of just stayed bad.

man and cup
Posted on 2011.01.01 at 17:52
Look it a brand new year .... Time to get it dirty.

lex livejournal

A letter

Posted on 2010.07.06 at 12:00
Music: Tohoshinki:Five in the black
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